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Title image for the website To the left is a black and white photo of Devin, his hair is spiky and he's wearing a loud short-sleeved shirt with flowers and butterflies on it. To the right, a black and white photo of Ceci reclining on a couch. She is wearing a tank top and a headband.


Welcome to the new and improved official website belonging to Ceci/Devin Lind!

Välkommen till den officiella sajten tillhörande Cecilia/Devin (C. D.) Lind!


More pages will be created and linked, for now you can check these pages out:

Fler sidor kommer att skapas och länkas, för närvarande kan du kolla in de här sidorna:

Ceci's blog (hiatus/uppehåll)
C. D.s svenska blogg
Devin's blog

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